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FIPS 140-2 validated multi-site cloud integrated NAS gateways. The convenience of a global file system coupled with the Fastest DR and the highest levels of security.
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Do regulatory agencies require you to archive data and protect against data modification and damage? We have local and cloud based policy driven solutions that meet these requirements.
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Top Ten Reasons Why Companies Use Data Backup and Data Archiving Services to Enhance the Value of Their Businesses

[Posted January 19th, 2015 by: Mark Martin]

Companies use data archiving as another way to store valuable information preventing theft.  Archiving allows companies to store data in a way that is permanent.  When data is stored using this process, it is changed into a specific file format that allows the file to be read multiple times. The service may also be used by companies in an effort to free up real-time storage space, as it takes older static data and stores it.  Companies can guarantee the accuracy of the information and data stored in such a way ensures a reliable long-term storage option.

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Disaster recovery times have to be reduced.
Cloud backup reduces downtime and associated costs

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Storms can cause serious unplanned downtime.
Threat landscape important to consider

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Cloud backup can be accessed from new endpoints should old ones be destroyed.
Business continuity requires offsite flexibility

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