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Cloud can be used in concert with local backup

Cloud backup can be used in concert with online backup for a hybrid solution.

Cloud backup has been getting a lot of hype from customers and businesses across industries, but companies should not forget about other forms of online data backup either. A hybrid solution can be a powerful tool for keeping information safe across the organization, according to TechTarget. Continue reading

Don’t skimp on data backup

Don't rely on something that can easily break; get an online backup system that will allow for fast duplication.

When taking care of data backup, companies cannot do it halfway. A recent report by Kroll Ontrack found that although 60 percent of companies had a backup solution in place when there was a data loss, that backup was not currently operating, making it almost meaningless and furthering the harm done to the company. Continue reading

Make sure company data is safe

Don't let a network disaster ruin business; take the time on World Backup Day to figure out a solution.

At the end of this month, March 31 to be exact, World Backup Day will be celebrated. For issues such as small business data backup, companies may want to take some time to reflect if all of their information is truly safe. Continue reading

California State gets new data backup solution

Universities have been working to backup their data.

In an effort to lessen the effect of any server error or disaster, California State University, Northridge has selected a new offsite data backup solution. The college will use a cloud backup solution that will protect its data and reduce many of the school’s storage needs. Continue reading

Every disaster recovery and business continuity plan needs backup

Have data backed up can help save a lot of headaches.

When looking to protect itself from the dangers of a natural disaster or even against a server going down for an extended period of time, an organization must look at data backup as part of its strategy. Business networking expert Neal Bradbury wrote on ChannelNomics that business and IT managers should look at what happened to companies in the cases of the Japanese tsunami or flooding in Thailand to see how beneficial backup can not only give peace of mind, but come in very handy. Continue reading

How bandwidth affects backup

Having good data backup online is something that every company should have, but every company must have a strong bandwidth connection to make sure the information can be accessed in the event of an emergency. Continue reading

Businesses still reeling from Sandy

Although Hurricane Sandy struck approximately six months ago, businesses are still having issues stemming from the gigantic storm. Small business backup solutions could have helped many of the affected companies, as a report by the Hartford said 52 percent of small and midsize businesses in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas experienced a loss of sales or revenue because of the storm. Continue reading

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