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Why small businesses must back up data

Small businesses need to protect information with data backup.

Small companies may not have a ton of money to work with, but there should be a small chunk of the budget carved out to help with data backup, according to Rob Boirun on Business 2 Community. Most businesses now rely on computers and data on them, so any kind of data loss can be devastating. Continue reading

Lack of backup causes student to lose thesis paper

Don't let years of work go to waste because of a lack of data backup.

A picture that started making the rounds on the internet this week illustrates the critical importance of data backup of any kind can be. The International Business Times reported that an image spread on Reddit and Facebook featured a Rutgers University student offering a reward to the thief who stole their laptop. The reason? The laptop contained five years’ worth of research done for a thesis paper. Continue reading

Ask questions to form a better security plan

Companies need to have a long-term plan to secure data.

Whether they know it or not, every company needs to have a quality cybersecurity plan. said businesses should ask themselves questions before forming a strategy, such as how often it is essential to use data backup and what kind of security should be used. Continue reading

Business continuity plans must be stable

To avoid frustration, companies must have a good business continuity plan in place.

With the growing amount of data companies have in their systems, managing the potential risk that can come from data loss is more important than ever. Kristina Narvaez, president and CEO of ERM Strategies, wrote on that the more organizations understand what risks they face, the better off they will be with regard to business continuity. Continue reading

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