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Stay on point with data backup

Companies must look to stay in communication with providers to have the best backup solution.

In the past, data backup was a bit more simplistic for companies and providers alike. The system would be set up and updated once in awhile, but neither side had to worry about it too much. Continue reading

Managing business continuity with a system

Businesses must be able to plan for how they will continue if something goes awry.

Companies of all sizes have the need to keep operating no matter what kind of problems or disasters may strike. With tools such as online data backup available, every organization needs to have a business continuity plan and TechTarget said using a management system may be the way to go. Continue reading

Planning to survive harsh weather with data backup

Businesses can be severely damaged by natural events; planning is a must.

Every small business needs to take responsibility for the “what if”s of the world. Any sort of natural weather disaster has the potential to obliterate a successful business, so IT professional John Eldh wrote on the VAR Guy blog that many businesses don’t have a proper data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Continue reading

Plan for risk in business

Businesses must plan for a certain level of risk.

While risk isn’t generally a pleasant subject for many companies, it must be a thought when considering issues such as business continuity so that the organization can keep going even in the face of the toughest situations. Continue reading

Choosing the best backup and recovery service

Choosing the right data backup solution is extremely important for organizations.

There are many different varieties of online data backup and Elias Khnaser, the virtual insider for Virtualization Review, wrote that companies have a litany of considerations facing them when looking to adopt data backup as a service. With disaster recovery, many clients said they don’t want to pay a lot of money to protect against an issue that may never happen. Continue reading

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