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Manage data in case of cyber threats

Organizations must prepare for what they do in the face of a cyber threat with regard to data backup.

One of the biggest threats to a company’s network today are denial-of-distributed-service (DDoS) attacks, which look to take down servers or websites for periods of time and have the potential to cause costly downtime for unprepared organizations. Continue reading

Business continuity a must even in the face of change

Data backup and continuity must stay consistent even in the face of change.

IT is in constant flux but how a department is contained cannot be, according to eWeek’s Chris Preimesberger. Data centers all have their own unique technologies, as do companie sthese days, and he said this can affect business continuity since all of these pieces have to work together. Continue reading

Using single data backup solution is an option

Hospitals can use a single data backup solution.

The healthcare industry has a large need for quality data backup, as much of the information in place that needs to be retained cannot be easily replicated and is extremely sensitive. Healthcare Informatics said Samaritan Medical Center, a non-profit hospital in New York,now has a single day a backup platform in place. Continue reading

NSA preparing large scale data backup

NSA has an extensive data backup center to work with all of its many bytes of information.

Gathering intelligence is one of the keystones of National Security Agency operations and its department heads look to protect the billions of bytes through their Bluffdale, Utah, facility by using data backup, according to the Lowell Sun. NSA deputy director John Inglis said this is important to the nation having a quality intelligence agency. Continue reading

Importance of backup, continuity highlighted by Oklahoma disaster

The Oklahoma tornado should serve as a reminder disaster recovery and data backup.

Oklahoma was recently ravaged over a nearly two week period by tornadoes that tore through the state. While business wasn’t as much of a worry as the lives that were lost, SecurityInfoWatch’s Joel Griffin wrote that the damage left behind shows the importance of data backup and natural disaster planning for organizations. Continue reading

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