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Banks looking to test backup systems

Banks have been looking to protect their data and test their systems.

More cyberthreats means more financial institutions and banks are trying to make sure their data backup solutions are up to par, according to financial association Bobsguide. More than 50 organizations looked to test how their system would work against a wave of hackers. Continue reading

Backup plan likely needs to be fixed

A business' current backup plan will likely need to be updated.

The challenge behind data backup falls not only on the technology that is used, but on the data itself and the people performing the tasks, according to Techday. A fragmented approach to protection can be extremely dangerous, so workers must have clear roles for how they will function within a data backup program. Continue reading

Don’t take risky chances with data protection

Organizations must ensure their data center is well protected and has a disaster recovery plan.

More weather incidents seem to be happening than ever in recent years and Arielle Emmett wrote on Computerworld that many data center managers are now trying to employ disaster recovery techniques. However, there are still some who are taking the “path of least resistance and least expense.” Continue reading

Learn lessons from disastrous situations

Healthcare organizations need to make sure they are keeping their data backed up and staying prepared for disasters.

After a tornado came through Norman, Okla., in May of this year, Brian Yeaman of the Norman Regional Health System said there was a lot of destruction, but with its use of a disaster recovery solution, his organization was able to retain all important information. Continue reading

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