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5 Reasons Why Database Backup Is Important

[Posted November 20th 2014 by: Mark Martin] Protecting critical data is important to the operation of your business. When there is one or multiple databases on your computer or server, database backup is vital. It ensures that there is an additional copy … Continue reading

5 Tips for Cloud Data Compliance and Protection

[Posted November 20th 2014 by: Mark Martin] Although cloud computing appears to be simple enough, many people get confused over surface data compliance issues. However, once the surface is scratched, you can easily become overwhelmed with the scope and volume of information. … Continue reading

3 Reasons To Invest In Server Backup Software

[Posted September 19th 2014 by: Mark Martin] Server backup software gives you control of the data that is being stored on your servers. When your employees are constantly working from servers, generating new data and changing current data, it’s imperative that there … Continue reading

How To Be In Data Compliance

[Posted September 19th 2014 by: Mark Martin] There are many reasons why data compliance is in effect across companies. Peace of mind needs to be provided to customers that their personal information is safe. Hospitals and other health care facilities need to … Continue reading

The Benefits To Data Archiving

[Posted September 17th 2014 by: Mark Martin] Data archiving is a great way to store data so that it can be used for research, analysis, and a general digital backup of information. It is a long-term storage solution that can be used … Continue reading

The Importance Of A Database Backup

[Posted September 17th 2014 by: Mark Martin]     A database backup is one of the most critical things that a business can do. Many businesses run databases of all sizes with extremely sensitive information. The backup will allow for the information … Continue reading

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