5 Reasons Why A Database Backup Is A Must

Mark Martin

[Posted December 7th 2014 by: Mark Martin]

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You need to do what you can to preserve a database. In most businesses, databases maintain valuable information that is critical to operations. A database backup is a must for a variety of reasons. It can ensure you have access to the information your business requires to run when you need it.


A database backup can be automatic. This ensures that it is backed up at all times without you remembering that it needs to be done. It can be set up to backup on a daily or weekly basis and at a time where it won’t eat up the bandwidth of your connection.

Provides Protection

Protection is a must because the database has important information. Especially if you work within the medical or another important industry, data compliance must be considered. A database backup can help you with all of the compliance issues so there is nothing to worry about. The information can be password protected and only the permitted parties will be given access

Eliminates Threats

Encryption is used within a backup as well. This will eliminate threats where people could obtain personal and financial information from a database. It can also eliminate people from accessing the data where a virus other form of malware could be implanted. The livelihood of your business may depend on the information contained within the database. For that reason, you want to eliminate all of the threats that could damage the database in any capacity – and Server Backup has services to assist.


The database size matters and when you have a database that is constantly growing in size, it can be expensive to backup on a server. The server you have on your premises may not be large enough with everything else that is being stored on it. However, you have the means to keep it affordable by moving it to Server Backup where it will be in a cloud.

Constant Access

The benefits of the cloud can be easily seen with a database backup. The database can be stored on the cloud, providing you and your employees access to the contents at all times. Even when you are outside of the office, the database can be accessed as long as you have an internet connection.

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