5 Reasons For A Database Backup

Mark Martin

[Posted March 15th, 2015 by: Mark Martin]

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There are many reasons to take advantage of a database backup. You can never rely solely on your database where it is stored on your server. There may be data compliance issues where it is and it can be harder for everyone to access. With the services offered from Server Backup, you can make the most of the situation and experience more benefits.

Data Integrity

It’s of the utmost importance to focus on data integrity. When you access a database, the information within needs to be accurate and organized. If there are security controls missing, it’s impossible to know if the data has been compromised at one point or another.


The storage capacity of your server has to be a top consideration. A database backup can be placed in the cloud, providing the capacity you need now as well as plenty of room to grow. It can be expensive to continue upgrading servers and therefore the solution is to use a backup service where there is virtually an unlimited about of space to grow into.

Access from Anywhere

It is possible to access the database backup from anywhere when it is located on the cloud. You have the ability to set controls to ensure only the authorized individuals can access the database in terms of data entry, pulling reports, and more. With greater accessibility comes increased productivity because people do not have to wait until they are in the confines of the office to work with the contents of the database.

Compliance and Data Security

There may be data compliance responsibilities based upon HIPAA, Anti-Spam, Anti-Piracy, government entities, and more. This means that all data must be controlled in an organized way and access is limited to only those who need it. A database backup provides the chance to maintain a higher level of compliance at all times.

Data Protection

Data must be protected against malware as well as individuals who mean to do the data harm, either by deleting it, sharing it, or compromising it in one way or another. A database backup can offer a higher level of protection by encrypting it and taking it outside of the location. This ensures that if something happens to the physical server in your location, the data is still intact because it is within the cloud.

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