Ensure server backups for businesses follow data compliance regulations.

Mark Martin

[Posted December 18th 2014 by: Mark Martin]

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Data compliance is necessary so that stored data of businesses meet particular industry regulations. The database backup format requires that all such information is backed up using software. Regulations that monitor information require that the data is encrypted and a backup version stored in a secure facility away from the office premises.

Even though there are different laws and regulations for individual industries, there are a few specifications that are the same for all industries. These regulations require organizations to have transparency, backup their information as copies and retain multiple versions of data in a chronological format.

Being data compliant will ensure that digital information does not fall into the wrong hands. According to the advisory board of Normandale Community College “(I)nformation security is considered the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. It is a general term that can be used regardless of the form the data may take (e.g., electronic, physical, etc.).” Examples of such regulations include backing up servers to updating and maintaining IT infrastructures. There are some specific instructions to be followed. Companies providing server backup services should conduct preliminary tests to determine whether businesses are functioning according to known regulations. Credit card and social security numbers must be data compliant. Businesses that maintain or store personally identifiable information like customer data are required to follow industry specific rules and regulations.

However, the different rules and regulations for industries make it difficult for companies to determine if they are data compliant. In such cases, an audit takes care of the problem. For instance, an audit will review the company’s IT infrastructure, damage recovery plan, data stress tests such as delete and restore functionality and verify stored copies of a company’s database.  Auditing will also successfully update password and email policies. Afterwards, companies can find out if they are compliant and determine what sections should be updated to adhere to regulations. ServerBackup.com, a company in Richardson, Texas provides customers with a free data policy review and data stress tests. Making use of their services will require companies concerned with the safety of their IT infrastructure and database conduct timely audits.  Businesses can also request a formal review to ensure that their company is completely data compliant. As of today, the Texas based company has proven to be reliable for a range of clients across many different businesses.

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