The Importance Of A Database Backup

Mark Martin

[Posted September 17th 2014 by: Mark Martin]


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A database backup is one of the most critical things that a business can do. Many businesses run databases of all sizes with extremely sensitive information. The backup will allow for the information to be kept off-site in the event of data loss. It can then be recovered so that business has the ability to continue as usual.

Data loss can occur for any number of reasons. It can be as a result of human err, malware, power surges, and more. The reason that data storage has become so popular is because individuals and companies alike have been burned in the past. There is now the need to maintain the data using whatever means necessary.

database can be in various formats and hold a considerable amount of information. Industries of all types have used databases to store information because it allows for data to be organized as well as queried. Whether it is an SQL, Oracle or even an email database, it should be backed up.

In the event that a database backup is not present, it could result in a significant amount of data loss. This could create a standstill within an organization because they don’t have access to client databases, accounts receivables, and various other databases that have housed pertinent information. With only one copy of the database and no way to retrieve it, some companies have never been able to recover from such a thing.

Server Backup can provide substantial backups of databases by offering:

-           Affordable monthly rates

-           Customized storage amounts

-           Quick recovery process

-           Automatic backup

A database backup is not the only thing that may be important for an organization. There may also be the need for other services. This includes data archiving for the data that no longer needs to be manipulated, but still needs to be accessible.

Understanding the needs of an organization when it comes to data storage will allow a person to make effective decisions on how to get the necessary backup. Backing up to a cloud makes it easy to access the data from wherever they may be, even when they are not on a server. This can lead to better database management by managing the rights of who can view the data and being able to gain access any time that there is an Internet connection.

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