Top Ten Reasons Why Companies Use Data Backup and Data Archiving Services to Enhance the Value of Their Businesses

Mark Martin

[Posted January 19th 2015 by: Mark Martin]
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1. Backing up data will require packaging.  One way is via backup of the data, the other via archiving.

2. Database backup and data archiving solve two separate problems facing companies who wish to safeguard their data.

3. The first solution presented in a backup service is designed to create copies in the event that the original data and content becomes lost or corrupted. Backing up data is done by saving versions. Backing up data stores information in a manner in which all of its contents can be changed.

4. Companies use data archiving as another way to store valuable information preventing theft.  Archiving allows companies to store data in a way that is permanent.  When data is stored using this process, it is changed into a specific file format that allows the file to be read multiple times. The service may also be used by companies in an effort to free up real-time storage space, as it takes older static data and stores it.  Companies can guarantee the accuracy of the information and data stored in such a way ensures a reliable long-term storage option.

5. Government regulations require for all data to be compliant. Data backup and archiving services are considered mandatory business expenses.

6. Understanding whether data backup or archiving is needed can be difficult.  Determining what problem needs to be solved will help customers decide which service needs to be used.

7. Companies must investigate the background of their provider to ascertain which service is most suitable. Companies such as among many can help customers choose between backup and archiving to keep a business data compliant.

8. Data backup services can be thought of as insurance that protects data which changes on a frequent basis.  Backup of databases allows customers to retrieve it should the original file become corrupted, destroyed, or lost.

9. The company offers an archiving service known as “Write Once Read Many,or WORM. The service allows the company to take old discs and transfer them into a newer and steadier digital format. “Write Once Read Many, or WORM” can also be used for storing existing data.

10. By using WORM customers will be able to read the file as many times as needed without corrupting them. This system gives customers the comfort they need to know that any legal or personal information is available and unaltered.

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