Service providers can offer data management solutions to give SMBs a strategic advantage.

Approaching data management with the help of vendor services

Stephen Perkins

Effective data management solutions are becoming a strategic advantage for small- and medium- sized businesses. As the volume of data grows for a majority of companies, achieving goals and objectives relies on having secure data storage capabilities and methods.

A recent IDG study noted that reduced costs, improved agility, business processes and operational efficiencies, decision making and IT alignment with business units were the top five reasons for deploying data management solutions.

SMBs often lack the resources to dedicate to complex IT tasks, and the information on a company's server is indispensable to daily operations. Fortunately, cloud-based solutions offered through service providers such as server backups and WORM archiving allow for virtual, off-site data storage. Vendors use advanced encryption levels to ensure any data, whether it is at rest or in transfer, is completely protected and constantly monitored.

File archiving methods including WORM storage eliminates the need for traditional discs, which vary in size and often require specific software and drives to read them. Using these methods ease the burden of archiving files and provides SMBs with all of their necessary data with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Service providers can also counter the issue of copy sprawl, which is the proliferation of copies from one point of data that is rarely cleaned up, according to InformationWeek. Vendors can implement deduplication features that save businesses storage space as well as money. By taking advantage of third-party services, SMBs can delegate complex IT tasks to experts in data management and protection while maintaining peace of mind.

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