To be in the cloud, businesses must ensure the have the correct level of bandwidth to work with.

Bandwidth must factor into backup strategies

Stephen Perkins

While many small and midsize companies are gravitating toward cloud backup solutions, TechTarget assistant site editor Brandan Blevins wrote that organizations must consider bandwidth issues and recovery times when adopting any offsite strategies.

Werner Zurcher, a Gartner research director, said big companies are using their own data centers for these solutions, but many smaller companies are starting to more heavily rely on the cloud even without the proper level of bandwidth in place.

"Depending on how slow you're going and which parts you're using and what your Internet infrastructure is, basically because the open Internet doesn't get you very good performance … you end up getting very limited bandwidth over the public internet through a cloud provider," Zurcher said, according to Blevins. "Even if you had up to a 1 Gbps carrier using that connection into the cloud, the distance becomes a mitigating factor, so latency in cloud backup is a really big issue."

Zurcher said putting a limit on the amount of data in the cloud may be a good idea, as is looking at other online data backup solutions that may more suitably fit a company's bandwidth availability.

PCWorld said while the cost of data backup and storage has gone way down in the last few years, labor costs from management of this data is on the rise. Businesses should account for this to be sure they are getting the most out of the service.

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