An online data backup can prevent thieves from making off with data.

Businesses face significant risk without cloud backup

Stephen Perkins

Sometimes all it can take is one nasty email to destroy countless precious documents on a company's server. For lawyer Paul Goodson, that was a lesson learned the hard way when his firm's system was overtaken by a sophisticated computer virus called CryptoLocker, according to TechWorld. The debacle began when an email apparently coming from within the firm was opened. Unfortunately, that email was disguising a malicious operation that quickly encrypted Goodson's files and demanded a $300 ransom. Desperate to recover the information, Goodson ended up paying the ransom — but he paid too late and lost his files. 

With online data backup, similar situations can be avoided
Because Goodson's firm only had its data on a company server, it ended up losing access all the information encrypted by the hackers. These included thousands of legal documents that were integral to the day-to-day functionality of the firm, according to WSOC-TV. 

Unfortunately, such attacks are just a reality of the cyberworld. It would be naive to think that detecting a malicious email like the one that hacked Goodson's system 100 percent of the time is possible. After all, the elevated sophistication of cybercriminals means their attacks are more covert, and an email infected with malware like CryptoLocker can easily slink into a system under ostensibly legitimate auspices. But while staving off malicious incursions may be challenging, ensuring the safety of business files is not. All it takes is a data back up online. By backing up their information in the cloud, companies guarantee that an invasion of their internal system will not mean the permanent destruction of important data. By taking proactive measures to create another platform for their files, businesses avoid the devastation of losing information — and the anxiety of waiting for it to happen. 

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