An employee misplacing a cell phone can result in a data loss situation.

Businesses must tailor recovery plans to weather, employees

Stephen Perkins

A data recovery situation can arise without warning, and it can come from many different sources. Two of the most prominent, however, are weather threats and company employees themselves. According to Continuity Forum, businesses must take measures to protect against natural disasters, especially in an age when inclement weather can happen without warning. By taking concrete steps to safeguard data – including performing a business online backup - companies can ensure that even if a disaster threatens the physical enterprise structure, the internal data will remain safe.

But it's not only storms and other adverse weather conditions that threaten the state of company information. Business employees as well can inadvertently play a hand in data loss, Inc reported. That is because employees are often not trained to not do things like clicking malware-laden email links or misplacing important drives. When a single event like this happens, it can threaten an entire business's stability. That is why so many organizations are looking into cloud backup options. With such a safeguarding system in place, companies can ensure stability and not place the livelihood of their company in the hands of individuals who may unintentionally jeopardize it. 

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