Security is one reason businesses cite for shifting to cloud storage.

Cloud backup on the rise among midsize companies

Stephen Perkins

Online data backup can help businesses regain their footing in the aftermath of an emergency and many companies are turning to the cloud for their data recovery solutions. Midsize businesses are increasingly drawing the same conclusion and shifting their data storage to the cloud.

"Business continuity plays a major role in any type of DR plan, and being able to prioritize your data and applications to ensure timely access to the most sensitive information is crucial," Laura Stotler wrote in infoTECHSpotlight.

Companies use the cloud for data storage for numerous reasons, with the most prominent being security, scalability and cost effectiveness. Choosing cloud backup can help companies save money by allowing them to cut or even jettison their expenses for recovery testing. Any skewing in the consistency among data and applications and their state at the time of the last recovery can be managed.

Use of the cloud for online data backup continues to grow, according to a recent study by TwinStrata. The survey found that 84 percent of respondents were already using or planned to use cloud storage. The availability of more room in the cloud to keep data was a major factor for 60 percent of participants in shifting their data to the cloud.

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