Cloud backup can be used in concert with online backup for a hybrid solution.

Cloud can be used in concert with local backup

Stephen Perkins

Cloud backup has been getting a lot of hype from customers and businesses across industries, but companies should not forget about other forms of online data backup either. A hybrid solution can be a powerful tool for keeping information safe across the organization, according to TechTarget.

"It's always a good idea to keep local backups," cloud professional Joe Noonan said, according to the website. "In most cases, cloud storage is used as a copy off-site. We think people can leverage cloud storage as their main backup for less-critical VMs to save space and avoid the cost of buying more local storage if they are running out of space."

TechTarget said businesses used to worry if a cloud backup solution would threaten how traditional backup worked, but vendors have embraced the cloud because it gives them the option to have a hybrid backup solution for protecting the company's most important documents.

Laura Dubois, Research Vice President of Storage at IDC, told ReadWrite Enterprise that businesses should select the correct vendor by first looking at what they need and then looking at issues such as the recovery options are. This can be important for any data backup solution.

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