Cloud backup is an effective means of data protection.

Cloud computing begets advanced data recovery

Stephen Perkins

No technology has made a name for itself in recent years quite like the cloud. While the mobility it enables is often a focal talking point in cloud-related discussion, the technology's advantages as a backup solution should be just as touched upon just as frequently. According to Dynamic Business, cloud computing is much more than just a "passing trend," and utilizing it as a means of data protection is one of the most advantageous ways in which it can be used.

For companies looking to invest in data backup, the cloud has much to offer. Since cloud-hosted solutions are constantly accessible and maintained within protected systems, information that is vital to an organization's mission is given the treatment that is required for the 21st century.

Cloud backup virtualizes disaster recovery
With so many other services and applications being sent to the cloud, ITProPortal said that "it should come as no surprise" that disaster recovery tools are making their way there, as well.

According to Gartner, 30 percent of mid-size businesses will have deployed their data protection methods into the cloud. This will create a rise in the market value for what they refer to as "recovery-as-a-service." ITProPortal said that this will be the first time that many of these organizations will be making deployments of this kind, but the "scalability and cost benefits" that are inherent of the technology make it easier to implement than many older on-site methods. 

By using the cloud for data storage, Dynamic Business said that work is "instantly backed up to offsite servers." This allows essential operations to continue even in the event of local outages, severe weather, health concerns or other disaster scenarios. Considering the cost-effective nature and the ease of deployment that comes with cloud computing, it makes sense to seek out these technologies for all kinds of business needs.

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