The cloud is perfect for both security and disaster recovery.

Cloud storage advantageous for disaster recovery

Stephen Perkins

The cloud has seen increased adoption over the last year for a number of reasons. In addition to the storage and communications advantages it can provide, Data Center Knowledge contributor Bill Kleyman said that "storage solutions can help shape cloud offerings" in the form of preparedness

"Disaster recovery, business continuity and replication services all revolve around a good storage solution," he said.

Cloud-based backup is a viable means of security and data loss prevention. By utilizing the technology's agility and mobile nature, organizations can add an extra line of defense from modern dangers.

Constant access begets safety
Physical endpoints are a major security risk for companies. According to HostReview contributor Mike Hosting, approximately 800,000 laptops go missing every year, but cloud storage can help to mitigate that risk. When used with the cloud, proper endpoint protections, including encryption and remote device wipes, can keep sensitive information -well-guarded in the event of device loss.

Similarly, the cloud can be utilized in disaster recovery. Hosting said that cloud backup is assisted by the provider, bringing help that can resolve issues with much less downtime than companies that still operate under more traditional methods.

Benefits of cloud-based recovery
There are many aspects of older disaster preparedness strategies that can be cumbersome and do not translate to modern businesses. According to Continuity Central contributors Martin Welsh and Patricia Palacio said that the costs, complexity, management and scalability of the cloud make it ideal for organizations seeking relevant data recovery tools. The streamlined nature of the cloud allows for automated processes that remove some of the hassle associated with downtime. Welsh and Palacio said that having software perform the harder tasks lets companies focus on other tasks that need to be attended to. They also said that there is "a direct correlation between speed of recovery and cost." Cloud services can help reduce downtime drastically and save money in the process.     

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