A company BYOD policy can be safeguarded with a cloud backup.

Companies must consider BYOD in data backup

Stephen Perkins

It is common knowledge that a cloud backup goes a long way toward maintaining the security of any business operations, but the question often becomes what to back up. Should companies back up everything? Or are there only certain records that absolutely need to be stored in the cloud? According to FierceMobileIT, there is one element of contemporary business operations that should not be overlooked during an online data backup: bring-your-own-device information. 

BYOD presents new information that must be saved
The widespread business trend of adopting BYOD has gained significant traction in recent years, and now companies across industrial divisions are realizing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from certified mobile devices. But just as this trend is helping to enhance business, BYOD outputs also create an influx of new business information that must be kept track of and tracked. 

As the FierceMobile article pointed out, BYOD-connected devices are often involved in business processes that are as important as comparable workflows happening in-house. What this means is that BYOD information has to be guarded just as stringently, if not more so. After all, it is not hard to imagine a scenario where an employee's mobile device is either misplaced or stolen. Since the probability of theft or misplacement is much higher among mobile devices than in-house equipment, it makes them all the more important to back up. 

"Backup administrators must adopt modern data protection mechanisms that can cope with these next-generation challenges," tech writer Brien Posey was quoted as saying in the article.

As BGR reported, a good company BYOD backup plan can also be helpful if an employee is terminated or otherwise leaves. In that case, the employee's mobile device can be wiped clean of company-specific information without the business having to worry about losing that data itself.

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