Giving cloud thought for business continuity

Stephen Perkins

Many people are wary when it comes to including cloud backup as part of a business plan, but Vanessa Parks, a freelance systems analyst and cloud storage consultant, wrote on Sys-Con Media that including the cloud in a business continuity plan may have many benefits. One feature that organizations often look for is stability.

"Because your entire system is hosted on a remote server with much more muscle (hardware), you can count on its stability compared to an in-house IT," she wrote. "The reason why most systems crash or fail is because their in-house IT doesn't have the hardware to churn the processes of several users. As your business gets larger, it'll be hard to keep things on track unless you buy/increase your hardware."

Other positives include:
- Faster customer service
- Reduced operational costs
- The ability to have a global workforce who can access the data

TechTarget said more companies are trying cloud backup, but every business has to do proper diligence when evaluating cloud backup. Solid controls and processes are necessary to ensure that data recovery systems will function properly.

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