For most companies, data is invaluable. It should therefore be backed up.

London flood risk highlights need for data protection

Stephen Perkins

A new report released by the London Assembly Environmental Committee points to a significant flood risk among properties in the U.K. capital, according to Continuity Central. Whenever natural disaster risks like these emerge, it is vital for businesses in the area to make sure their data recovery plans are in order. Without online data backup, enterprises risk permanently losing information. In the case of London, there are 24,000 properties that the report mentioned as being at a high risk level for river flooding, and climate change could end up seeing those numbers rise. 

Regardless of the region a business inhabits, there are disasters that can threaten the safety of data. Flooding, tornadoes and other natural disasters share one thing in common: they can often arrive suddenly, without warning. However, a business that secures its data against a potential catastrophe does not have to worry about physical conditions causing irrevocable data loss.

As ZDNet contributor and technologist Jason Perlow pointed out, it far better for businesses to take precautionary measures than be unprepared.

"During my 20 years as an IT industry consultant … I encountered countless examples of putting off upgrades of clunky old stuff because it was inconvenient or nobody wanted to spend the money," he wrote.

According to him, it's this kind of mentality that leads to major business consequences.  

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