Regulatory compliance demands are presenting businesses and IT with a host of new challenges.

Meeting regulatory compliance demands with cloud backups

Stephen Perkins

As industry regulations regarding data protection become stricter, organizations must manage increasing volumes of information while abiding with data compliance obligations.

Regulatory compliance requires better data backup services
Recent legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and Securities and Exchange Act, which tightened the rules surrounding HIPAA, SOX and SEC compliance, have also intensified the demands of businesses that already face significant IT security challenges.

Many organizations that consist of various business units have futile data backup systems in place, which are unable to scale in order to meet company requirements. As a result, expensive backups and serious data loss risks continue to plague the healthcare and financial industries.

In a effort to find viable solutions that are economical and ensure reliable data protection that can efficiently safeguard mission-critical information, businesses are leveraging cloud backup solutions to meet the demands of data growth, compliance and dependable protection. according to Insurance & Technology contributor Tim Hannibal.

"These backup services can eliminate upfront costs for new backup hardware purchases, reduce risks associated with media loss or theft, cut the cost of physical media pickup and storage and offer business continuity benefits through redundant, offsite storage," Hannibal wrote.

Cloud backups enable Insurers in both the healthcare and financial industries to quickly deploy systems without incurring capital expenses. Businesses also have the ability to shift costs from a capital expense to a variable operating expense, which reduces the total cost of ownership for backup and recovery services and the need to purchase additional storage devices.

Equipped with the latest technology, cloud backups offer Quality of Service and scalability capabilities that help enforce consistency across a company's entire backup infrastructure.

"Business-class cloud backup providers generally offer redundant data storage in highly available data centers with redundant fail-safe systems to protect data across the entire backup and storage process," Hannibal noted. "Combined with the flexibility to back up all kinds of structured and unstructured data, cloud backup helps ensure regulatory compliance while reducing the risk of data loss."

As regulatory compliance presents businesses and IT with an array of new and complex requirements, companies in the industry can align the cost of their backup services with the value of information that must be protected. Along with the cost-effective nature of cloud backups, organizations also enjoy superior reliability, robust security, improved flexibility and an easy-to-use method for storing, protecting and recovering sensitive data all while meeting newly instituted regulations and the fluid environment of today's business needs.

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