Offsite backup options allow businesses to retain more potentially valuable data.

More companies retain data in offsite backup

Stephen Perkins

Online data backup is key to getting businesses up and running again after a disaster and is a logical precaution for firms that process a lot of information. Many companies are expanding their presence in the cloud as they hold onto more data in their offsite backup.

A recent study by Spectra Logic found that 68 percent of respondents still manually analyze and move their long term data to online backup. These respondents deleted only small amounts of what they had stored because they use unstructured migration tools that require more hands-on work.

The survey of 300 firms in the U.S. and the U.K. also found that 62 percent of participants added storage capacity instead of deleting data, reflecting a trend toward holding on to more information in hopes that it will be valuable to the company's future growth. Among U.S. respondents, 77 percent said that they were retaining more data. About 63 percent of all businesses surveyed said that they intended to store data for up to five years.

Local governments are among the many organizations turning to online data backup, as the technology provides an easily expandable means to retain records and provide services, according to StateTech​ Magazine. Many government IT departments are now updating their cloud backup systems.

"As budgets have dwindled, we're looking for ways to maintain our level of service to our customers without having to add bodies," said David Newaj, infrastructure manager for California's San Joaquin County.

Governments have many of the same cloud options as businesses, depending on available finances and resources. Building or refurbishing existing facilities is one route they can take, colocate some or all of their data with an offsite backup hosting provider or even turn to a public cloud or managed service provider.

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