Cloud backup is essential for modern businesses.

Offsite backup essential for modern business

Stephen Perkins

The problem with making disaster recovery plans is that it is hard to prepare for every conceivable issue, especially if the business in question has not had many problems before. According to Utilizer contributor Greg Schultz, not all threats are considered "headline news." There is a serious lack of awareness regarding the disasters that occur everyday, with only the biggest names making the papers, so to speak. By being unaware of things that could potentially occur and prevent a business from functioning, companies are at a loss that they do not even know about.

According to Channel Partners Online contributor Nick Chandler, downtime can already cause enough complications as it is. 

"Whether a disaster results from a hurricane or a computer hacker, damage to centralized technology systems will affect multiple processes and data," he said. "And the longer it takes to reinstate systems and restore data, the more difficult it will be for the healthcare provider to continue operations."

This is why it is essential for businesses to have offsite cloud backup plans in place. While no plan is completely foolproof, putting essential systems and information on a remote server will allow work to continue even in instances where the office is physically uninhabitable. 

Refocusing efforts
In today's modern business climate, it is becoming increasingly clear that data, not endpoints, needs to be protected. According to Schultz, it is worth the effort to take a step back and reevaluate what exactly is in the company's possession and how it needs to be protected. 

A reassessment of assets can often serve as a wake up call for businesses that are not backing up their essentials offsite. In a world where all that is certain is that nothing is for sure, offsite backup can serve usefully in enough potential situations to validate its implementation.

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