Online data backup provides businesses with an added level of security.

Online data backup provides security against threats

Stephen Perkins

Keeping records in online data backup can protect businesses in the event of a security breach and helps them get back to work following a disaster. Many companies may not realize the importance of picking the right backup service.

Companies that keep sensitive data such as information about clients or intellectual property may have a driving need for a secure backup service, Reanna Gutierrez wrote in Firmology. For many firms, evaluating the risk to their data includes determining whether human elements or nature could play a role in undermining data security.

"Protecting your data from natural disaster is not necessarily easy, but it is fairly simple," Gutierrez said. "Setting up cloud storage will give you a backup of any critical data and physical precautions can be taken to protect the servers that store it."

For healthcare providers, the need for backup data storage is mandated by law. Revised patient data rules under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act now require healthcare providers to store their patient data in an online data backup system. Under the law, healthcare providers must keep patient records in the cloud and end the practice of storing data onsite. A data breach in which health information is compromised could result in fines of more than $1 million.

A perfect data security plan may not be possible, but healthcare providers should work to properly implement a data security program and do their best to comply with the law, Matt Henderson wrote in HealthIT Security. Finding an off-site storage provider and negotiating with business partners are part of this process, as medical professionals and the online data backup company share financial responsibility for any breach.

"There are specific contractual protections that a healthcare organization should negotiate in its contracts with third-party vendors that will store or have access to its data," Henderson wrote. "Additionally, appropriate due diligence is a crucial prerequisite to every good contract and should include investigation and assessment of potential vendors' data security practices."

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