Cloud backup can save employees from the terror of losing data.

Poll: Disaster recovery a priority for 2014

Stephen Perkins

According to a survey of IT departments in the U.K., disaster recovery will be one of the main areas of focus for businesses in the coming year. The survey was administered to 299 IT departments, according to Kroll Ontrack. Of those polled, 40 percent said that disaster recovery represents their first priority over the next 12 months, which points to a growing concern about securing privileged information.

Data loss can present enormous problems for businesses. And according to statistics compiled by the Boston Computing Network, such losses are a relatively common occurrence. There are 140,000 hard drive crashes in the U.S. each week, the data reported. According to a separate data set compiled by DataLossDB, data loss incidents leapt from 2011 to 2012, with many of the incidents occurring in the United States.

When these type of events occur, companies need a data backup service that meets their needs. Unfortunately, physical backup is not always reliable, with many instances of tape backup failure. The unpredictability of tape storage is one reason companies are increasingly turning to the cloud.

Popularity of online data backups grow
Cloud backup is quickly becoming the most appealing way to back up data because of the safety and security it offers. And in the survey, cloud storage emerged as the most popular storage platform for companies surveyed, with 33 percent calling it a priority for 2014, Kroll Ontrack reported.

The increased interest in cloud storage points to a growing cloudward migration among businesses looking to expedite their operations and cut costs. Cloud storage options are not only cheaper and easier to use, but also highly secure. Unlike companies that lose their data on tapes, with the cloud there's no such risk, since the information is remotely accessible.

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