A company with a solid recovery plan can ensure good business all the time.

Some advice on protecting data

Stephen Perkins

All it took was one bad employee to land a popular U.K. grocery chain in hot water. According to the BBC, Morrisons supermarket chain ended up having its payroll data stolen by a disgruntled employee. Police arrested a suspect, but by then data for 100,000 employees had already been taken. If the company had protected its infrastructure with a business online backup, perhaps the fallout from this situation could have been avoided.

For most businesses, there are few ideas more terrifying than the prospect of losing data. Fortunately, there are data protection steps enterprises can take to prevent against losing valuable information. Industry expert David Zimmerman recent compiled a list of helpful tips. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Care for – but do not rely on – hard drives. In 2014, most businesses should know that storing information on a hard drive alone is a bit like placing your money in a shoebox under the bed. In both cases, all it takes is a natural disaster or a theft to sweep it away. Therefore, make sure the company has an online data backup system to prevent this kind of situation. Also, when using hard drives, it is important to practice proper maintenance, including using a surge protector in the event of a storm.
  2. Prepare for the worst. Unforeseen circumstances come into play all the time. For an enterprise to be successful, it must see these situations arising before they become devastation. The company that takes the preemptive measure to back its information up automatically gets a leg up on its lesser prepared rivals.
  3. Have data recovery software in place. It is the very lucky employee who will never have to deal with a data recovery situation. But for the many who do, it helps immeasurably for the company to have a recovery plan in place that ensures the security of data. 

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