Businesses can ensure optimal functionality with a backup plan in place.

Storm season is coming – is your business prepared?

Stephen Perkins

Spring has officially descended, and with it the prospect of a fresh storm season. For businesses without a robust data backup plan, a natural disaster can quickly lay waste to its internal infrastructure. Even if this year's storm cycle is projected to be less devastating than in years past, it is still imperative for enterprises to have a data storage strategy in place as soon as possible.

Projected light hurricane season does not eliminate need for business preparation
According to experts at Colorado State University, this year's Atlantic hurricane season – which experts say officially begins June 1 – is projected to be a relatively mild one, with only three upcoming storms  predicted as having hurricane potential, JDNews reported. Still, businesses should not greet this news as a reason to slack off on disaster preparedness. 

In an opinion piece for Telecom Reseller, small business solutions expert David Byrd pointed out that many enterprises do not have the infrastructure in place to weather a storm or other disaster scenario. This is especially true of small businesses, with a mere 52 percent reporting that they have the kind of backup plan in place that would enable recovery from a disaster. And of those who have a plan, fewer than one third said they have actually kept their strategy up-to-date and can vouch for its efficacy. 

The problem with any business – but particularly SMBs – slacking off in data protection is that they are basically rolling the dice with the weather. While it is perhaps unlikely that a hurricane will destroy many businesses this year, there are myriad other ways data can be irrevocably lost without a comprehensive backup system in place. As always, the well-prepared business is the successful one. 

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