Businesses should avoid backup solutions that are free or unusually cheap.

The changing nature of data backup services

Stephen Perkins

In recent years, the ways in which businesses approach data backup have changed drastically. Cloud computing, big data and a renewed focus on data recovery and protection have ignited a wholesome change in nearly every industry.

IT professionals work in rapidly changing environments and new technologies have required them to alter their data backup and recovery strategies, according to Network Computing contributor Tom Trainer.

"Various types of cloud deployments (i.e. public, private and hybrid) and applications have changed the rules of some traditional backup strategies, such as backup to tape or backup to disk and then to an off-site location and archive environment," Trainer wrote.

With a drastic increase in the number of mobile devices in the workplace that can access and store company information, the volume of important data to not only backup, but to protect, has grown exponentially. Today, service providers that offer such solutions reflect these changes in the business environment and act accordingly to make sure backups are comprehensive and secure.

The high demand for backup services has spawned companies that offer free or suspiciously inexpensive backup solutions, according to iTWire's Peter Dinham. However, these alternatives are often high-risk options and come with a variety of hazards. Businesses that want effective and reliable solutions for secure data backup and recovery should avoid these offerings and opt for credible vendors.

For example, as business owners become more aware of cloud backup's benefits, they search Google in hopes of finding a service that's right for them. One problem, however, is that free and cheap solutions are given high priority in Google Rankings and basic file syncing becomes confused with actual sophisticated and dedicated backup and recovery services, according to the source.

These methods cannot be relied on as a secure and reliable solution, and businesses looking for dependable service providers must be careful when sorting through their options.

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