Cloud backup can be a good service to converge into traditional online data backup solutions.

The many business benefits of cloud backup

Stephen Perkins

Keeping data and information in line at a company is harder than ever, but organizations luckily have more options than they have in past days to seal up data and not let it leak out unnecessarily. Technected contributor Thomas Stone wrote on Business 2 Community that using cloud backup, either by itself or in concert with another online data backup solution, can be a great move for companies to make, as it will give a low cost solution that minimizes downtime.

"Downtime is every company's worst enemy," Stone wrote. "Depending on the size of your company or the scope of your industry, extended downtime can cost anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Since your cloud provider offers high levels of speedy backup recovery when things go awry, you can rest assured that your infrastructure will get back up and running quickly after disaster strikes.

Stone added that having the cloud as part of a data backup plan can help companies quickly recover needed information more quickly than they would otherwise be able to. Businesses will need to ask many questions when starting off with their provider to make sure everything works as well as possible, but having a solution that allows for quick and easy recovery can mean a lot of great perks for businesses.

Data storage expert Eric Slack wrote on TechTarget that the business value of adding cloud backup can reduce costs and better mitigate risk. Backup alone protects against risk, but bringing the cloud into the equation ensures quicker backup and thus more time saved. The cloud also minimizes waste, as companies can ramp up or down what they use as far as storage is concerned.

"They also can trade the complexity of implementation and expansion for the simplicity of a utility services model and the efficiency of paying only for what they use," Slack said of those who start using cloud backup. "This is a big issue for many organizations. Each new storage system that comes in the door has more capacity than they need, and often a lot more processing power since most arrays don't efficiently scale storage processors."

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