Storms can cause serious unplanned downtime.

Threat landscape important to consider

Stephen Perkins

There is no clear-cut path to success in business. Oftentimes, the road taken is plagued with obstacles. The worst part is that the most threatening disasters cannot often be foreseen with enough time to build a specific plan on the spot. 

This is probably one of the hardest aspects of running enterprise operations in the modern day – not being able to predict what might happen next.

Huge storms that tear through towns and cities can never be properly planned for. Fires can wipe out entire companies without even trying. There are countless situations that may appear to need their own individual contingency plans, but that is not always necessary.

Cloud is a natural fit for business continuity, disaster recovery
It is important to invest in technologies and services that are capable of circumventing the most potential problems at the physical workplace. Backups and redundancies were commonly kept onsite in one point in time. Eventually, offsite location of these backups came into its own as another popular method of protection. 

But the present day requires a much greater level of assurance and agility than these options can provide. Backups should occur frequently, which is something that can be difficult to do when storage facilities are located far away.

By launching redundancies in the cloud, however, companies can have access to their essential files and programs almost instantly after a disaster. Even if computers and servers are destroyed, the information can be loaded onto new machines at either a temporary or permanent location. 

Businesses need to be prepared for the worst, and possessing the ability to get back to normal as soon as possible. The reflexive nature of cloud computing makes it ideal for any unplanned situation. In a way, it allows organizations to brace themselves for what they will never expect.

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