Companies that backup to the cloud can expect better protection and cohesion.

UK enterprises should perform cloud backup to strengthen business

Stephen Perkins

Maintaining business cohesion is a vital component of any enterprise. If information within a company exists in a scattershot and decentralized manner, it threatens to slow or even disrupt business operations. One way all businesses can ensure a significant measure of cohesion is through a cloud backup, since that will guarantee company data is accessible on a single platform.

According to an article in Information Age, it sounds like some companies in the U.K. could benefit from an online data backup. The article pointed to the statistic that almost 50 percent of employees at U.K. companies do not keep company IT representatives abreast of their actions. This lack of communication has the potential to create disruptions in normal business functionality.

Non-IT employees feel they can harness applications and technology themselves
The article pointed out that one reason employees tend to operate as "shadow IT" workers is that they feel they are adept enough to use virtual technology to make their jobs easier and more productive. According to security strategist Sian John, this employee inclination toward embracing "shadow IT" is a good move and not something that should be discouraged.  

"Although shadow IT carries risk, by managing it correctly it can be viewed as a powerful business enabler," he said. "Companies shouldn't try to eradicate shadow IT, but look at how workers can safely weigh up the risks and be empowered to install software to help them work more effectively."

Part of the way IT departments can advance alongside their company's workers is to embrace the idea of a cloud backup. By having the enterprise's activities exist in the virtual sphere, IT departments can keep pace with the employees who are already realizing the benefits of cloud computing.

A recent issuance by the U.K. government concerning widespread cloud security guidance suggests that with the government firmly standing behind cloud adoption, business backups to the cloud will become commonplace.

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