Even bigger businesses can now get great benefits for appliance data backup.

Appliance data backup is good enough for enterprises

Stephen Perkins

Smaller companies were traditionally using data backup appliances, according to Eric Slack on TechTarget, but the tools are now ready for the spotlight with much larger enterprises. With continued improvement to the technology, this backup option can be now be used by businesses of any size.

"Backup appliances were used as alternatives to traditional backup infrastructures, which typically included a separate software app and storage devices, originally tape drives but more recently disk arrays," Slack said. "Backup appliances were primarily intended for smaller firms that didn't have the IT resources to design, implement and operate traditional backup systems, which could get rather complex."

With the new developments, this solution can be used by larger organizations. Advantages of this backup modality include the absence of platform compatibility issues, but there will be more difficult upgrades when space runs out. Users may want to use appliance backup in concert with online data backup to account for space issues.

PCWorld said storage requirements for any data backup solution must be anticipated well in advance, as backing up multiple servers and computers can get very complex for businesses who have not prepared correctly.

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