The Benefits To Data Archiving

Mark Martin

[Posted September 17th 2014 by: Mark Martin]

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Data archiving is a great way to store data so that it can be used for research, analysis, and a general digital backup of information. It is a long-term storage solution that can be used by individuals, as well as companies of all sizes.

It’s important to understand the difference between archiving and storage:

Archiving: Data that is stored away that no longer needs to be changed or altered.

Storage: Data that has the potential to be opened and changed.

Understanding the differences are important to determine the service that you actually need. Should you choose a storage solution or service when you actually need archiving, it can be difficult to maintain data compliance regulations that may be in place within your organization.

Server Backup has been re-branded in the past year, though they have experience that dates back to 1998. Various services are offered, including data duplication, storage, software, and more. Free data reviews can be provided to help clients understand what they need and what level of service is required. This helps to find the most affordable and customized solution.

One of the primary benefits to data archiving is that it can minimize physical storage. There are companies of all sizes that have warehouses filled with boxes of receipts, forms, contracts, and other documents. These can be turned into digital files and then archived for  long term safekeeping. It can ensure that the documents are kept according to rules and regulations and also make it easier to find the necessary information. Further, it can free up space within a warehouse for more important things.

Another benefit is that data archiving provides a long-term storage solution. There is no need to push it aside when new data comes in because it is being stored on a portion of the cloud that cannot be accessed and changed.

Yet another benefit is that it can be accessed by anyone who has given permissions as long as they have an Internet connection. There is no need to be on a server because the storage is off-site and accessible via a cloud.

There are plenty of benefits to archiving data. You simply need to determine if it is an archive that you require or storage and what other services you need to find the best solution.

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