Having a data sprawl can lead to much slower backups.

Data sprawl can lead to slower backups

Stephen Perkins

Technology has been around much longer than solutions such as online data backup, and many organizations have gotten used to how systems, such as disk-based backup, have worked. Industry professional Florin Dejeu wrote on Data Center Knowledge that companies will have to break some of their old methods to avoid data sprawl, something that can end up harming the business in many ways.

"These systems are simply not designed for today's massive data volumes or fast data growth because they lack two critical capabilities: they do not scale and they do not deduplicate enterprise backup data efficiently," he wrote. "As a result, for many large enterprise data centers, the "add another system" approach has reached its breaking point."

By doing this, Dejeu wrote that companies will be wasting time and money on the new capacity, overbuying their systems, slowing down the backup process and adding more maintenance costs than would need there.

According to the SEPATON Data Protection Index, which was published by ESJ.com, data is growing from 20 percent to 70 percent annually. With this increase in growth, organizations need to look to modern technology, such as online data backup, to improve operations.

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