Data backup is becoming more important in the heatlhcare field.

Data backup crucial for heatlhcare operability

Stephen Perkins

The healthcare industry is now working more heavily in the online and digital workspace, as electronic health records are now legally mandated in the U.S. and will soon be implemented in every organization. IT professional Neal Bradbury said data backup and recovery should be an essential investment for these agencies, as most are still in dire need of the ability to keep information safe. Regulations and compliance rules will come heavily into play with whatever solution a healthcare agency decides to adopt. 

"[The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] has [a] profound impact on cloud and backup services employed by healthcare organizations," Bradbury wrote. "On the plus side, HIPAA requires all healthcare providers, medical clearinghouses and healthcare facilities that electronically maintain or transmit health information to establish procedures for backup and recovery."

Healthcare professional Bob Chaput wrote in a white paper that there is a "perfect storm" brewing for organizations looking to adopt data backup, including the federal government pressing for more security, a lack of skills across organizations regarding IT security and a quick pace of adoption of electronic medical records. The larger these record-keeping programs are, the more likely they are to fail. This makes the adoption of a good backup solution nearly essential.

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