Banks have been looking to protect their data and test their systems.

Banks looking to test backup systems

Stephen Perkins

The emergence of more cyberthreats means more financial institutions and banks are trying to make sure their data backup solutions are up to par, according to financial association Bobsguide. More than 50 organizations looked to test how their system would work against a wave of hackers. 

"A number of stock exchanges have been targeted in recent years, representing a threat to the smooth operation of global financial markets and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against banks are becoming increasingly common, which makes this test timely," the website said.

Results of these tests will be written up by accounting and consultancy firm Deloitte, Bobsguide said. Testing is expected to be run again later this year, but this time to test Wall Street's ability to respond to an outbreak of bird flu that has been circulating in the Middle East. Both data and medical preparedness is expected of these organizations.

Data backup professional Michael Krutikov wrote on Bank Systems and Technology that careful research and deployment is essential for financial institutions to get the best backup solution possible. In concert with good information management, this can be essential for companies to properly store data.

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