Businesses must have a plan in place for what they will do in case of a breach of natural disaster.

Businesses worry about security in continuity plan

Stephen Perkins

A business continuity plan may be more important now than it ever has been, as disasters are continuing, more cybersecurity threats exist and employees have more access to data than ever before. The AT&T Business Continuity Study found that 63 percent of executives view possible security breaches as their top threat of the year, with 84 percent concerned about the effects of mobile devices on security. Online data backup should be part of a continuity plan to help ensure data will be accessible even after a breach or disaster.

"Companies today are very aware and concerned about the potential threats that could disrupt their operations," said Michael Singer of AT&T. "With their business continuity plans in place, businesses are investing in new technologies like network enabled cloud services to help strengthen and expand their overall continuity strategies." 

Numbers from the report show:
- 87 percent have a business continuity plan in place
- 76 percent are using the cloud this year with 49 percent using it for data storage 
- 78 percent said their business continuity plan takes network security into account 

ISACA said that as part of any data backup plan, there should be a planning and management process in place, testing needs to be done, a service​-level agreement should be in place with the provider and there should be a disaster recovery solution in case of a natural event or security breach.

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