Businesses need to be sure they are planning for growth with data backup.

Companies must plan for growth with backup

Stephen Perkins

As the amount of information dealt with by businesses continues to grow at a rapid pace, companies must properly plan for all possible scenarios. This includes making sure the proper data backup solution is in place, as the annual Virtualization Data Protection Report by Veeam showed that 68 percent of CIOs think their tools will become less effective as the amount of data to process grows larger.

Numbers from this report show that virtual infrastructure accounts for 51 percent of server capacity, which will grow to 63 percent by 2014. The majority are already dealing with data backup issues, as 84 percent are experiencing trouble with complexity and 87 percent with costs. With proper planning and best practices, these issues can be solved fairly easily.

"This apparent loss of momentum in data protection comes down to two influences. First, virtual infrastructure is constantly growing: as well as forming the majority of IT infrastructure now, it will continue to grow in the future," said Ratmir Timashev, Veeam's president and CEO. "Second, organizations are not updating their data protection tools and strategies to match. Until organizations stop using a physical-world mindset to view the technology, they will never be able to unlock its full potential."

Not having proper data backup in place can be dire, as the report predicted that every downtime incident can cost more than $320,000 for companies.

According to an infographic from Druva, there is $48 billion lost by data breaches each year in the U.S. with 562 million records compromised in the last five years alone. This came from multiple areas, with 28 percent being lost portable devices, 21 percent due to a hacker and 18 percent due to unintended disclosure. Data backup can be a key cog in data loss prevention and fighting to make sure none of these issues affect an organization. 

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