A plan for continuity is essential for companies.

Continuity plan essential for business

Stephen Perkins

Coming back from a fire, flood, power outage or any kind of crisis can be difficult for organizations, but according to what Lawrence J. Newell, manager of Risk Advisory Services at Brown Smith Wallace and principal William M. Goddard told Smart Business not having a business continuity plan can make recovery that much harder. Without a proper data backup solution, organizations may have to take painstaking efforts to get their information back.

"The better you can plan for how to deal with an incident, the better off you'll be," Newell said. "I say 'incident' because it could be something not always thought about in typical disaster terms, such as a breach of credit card information."

Aside from backing data up, organizations must have a business impact analysis done to place value on what the company finds essential to operations. If the amount of downtime a company experiences is a big deal, that must be accounted for in their plan. The issue of communication should also be sorted out, as businesses need to be able to get in touch with key employees as part of any plan.

InformationWeek said recovery is a key part of an effective data backup system. Organizations must know that they can get data back from the system, so testing will be key to ensuring the software works as well as possible.

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