A fire can really end up damaging data and a business. Government and companies should find a quality data backup system.

County’s woes illustrate data backup’s importance

Stephen Perkins

One Michigan county recently learned a hard lesson about not using online data backup. In Macomb County, Michigan, a fire broke out at their old county building and it completely wiped out the county's servers and phone system. Area officials are now back to using pen and paper for their operations, according to CBS affiliate WWJ. County executive Mark Hackel said he previously warned the rest of the county about this years ago when jail records were lost in an earlier system. Now, he predicted everyone will believe in data backup.

Thus far, the county does not even know how much data has been lost. The reason? The computers cannot even be turned on since there is now power at the data center , according to the news source. Hackel said the county has never had a backup site, but they will likely have to implement one now.

So far, Macomb County officials don't know when the system will be back online, according to CBS Detroit, something that will likely affect how the county is able to operate over the coming days and weeks.

The Small Business Association said companies and government bodies need to look at data backup to deal with many different circumstances. For example, questions such as how often backup is needed, where vulnerabilities exist and how much of a system needs to be backed up must be answered before adoption.

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