Success in the world of data backup means frequent testing.

Ensure backup solutions work correctly

Stephen Perkins

In order to guarantee information insured by a data backup solution is kept safe, companies must test and monitor to ensure that information is secure and being properly replicated and protected.

"Companies will often set their computer systems to backup, but they rarely check to ensure the data has backed up correctly," David Lyons, IT director for the Remark Group, said. "In instances where files become corrupt or simply do not work, this can be disastrous as many documents are unsalvageable even using sophisticated recovery tools."

Regular maintenance checks and testing must be made on the equipment, backup devices or services and the provider being used. The company needs to know without a doubt at all times that its information is being kept safe. Lyons said by getting advice from IT professionals on the backup plan, they will be able to backup data and fully restore it when it needs to happen.

IT professional Jon Toigo wrote that when online data backup is properly managed, it can be a big benefit to companies big and small, but there must be testing and monitoring to ensure this information is being guarded and protected as it should be. Organizations also must be sure they can retrieve their data from the backup solution as quickly as business demands. 

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