Businesses must be sure data is backed up for the sake of continuity.

Make sure continuity comes easily

Stephen Perkins

Businesses should be looking for a data backup and business continuity program that comes easily, according to what Steve Kokol, vice president at SunGard Availability Services, told ITWeb. Usability is key for businesses in an age when all employees depend on the organization's IT capabilities. With the ability to recovery from outages or disaster becoming more important, companies must be sure they have a solution that will work across the board.

"What this is highlighting is that business is acknowledging that, at the end of the day, it is the people who sit at the coalface who need to be in charge of business continuity and disaster recovery," he said. "In short, the people who are responsible for building these plans need to be in the field themselves."

Kokol told ITWeb that businesses can no longer think of these functions as purely within the IT department but must consider who has access to data, how they use it and how it can be recovered across the organization when something does go wrong. Especially with the bring-your-own-device trend becoming more expansive, businesses need systems that can cover a more wide array of data. With the security concerns this new technology brings, organizations must be sure they have protection in place.

Brian Peterson, an independent IT analyst, wrote on TechTarget that organizations should look to speed up time of data backup to make business continuity better. One way to do this is to fine tune the parameters in place, which can mean going to the vendor and asking for ways to make the program run faster. This may also mean being more picky in what gets backed up versus what does not, as organizations with large amounts of information may not be able to take every piece of information into their backup program.

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