Organizations must prepare for what they do in the face of a cyber threat with regard to data backup.

Manage data in case of cyber threats

Stephen Perkins

One of the biggest threats to a company's network today are denial-of-distributed-service (DDoS) attacks, which look to take down servers or websites for periods of time and have the potential to cause costly downtime for unprepared organizations. Rakesh Shah, Senior Director of Strategy for Arbor Networks, wrote on Continuity Central that it is a major security imperative to prepare data backup in case of one of these incidents. 

"Security incidents often have a negative impact on business operations - resulting in significant operational expenditure (opex) costs, lost revenues, customer satisfaction challenges and erosion in brand reputation," he said. "As a result, IT security issues constitute significant business risks, which place them squarely within the realm of business continuity planning."

According to a recent report by the Ponemon Institute, it was estimated that the average cost of downtime due to a DDoS assault was approximately $22,000 for every minute with an average of 54 minutes per incident. This means the average DDoS attack can cost more than $1 million for companies that have not prepared business continuity and data backup to be able to work elsewhere.

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