Businesses must be able to plan for how they will continue if something goes awry.

Managing business continuity with a system

Stephen Perkins

Companies of all sizes must keep opeartions running no matter what kind of problems or disasters may strike. With tools such as online data backup available, every organization needs to have a business continuity plan and TechTarget said using a management system for continuity may be the way to go.

Business continuity consultant Paul Kirvan wrote on the website that while most tools, such as data backup, can support the creation of a business continuity management system, none is designed to help create one. This means organizations can get a bit more creative about how they make their way into a plan like this. Each company can define it's program by standards, which Kirvan said is becoming increasingly more important.

"Global standards now exist, so there will be a gradual migration to products and services that align with standards," he wrote on TechTarget. "Will everyone use them? Of course not, but they represent a suitable baseline or benchmark for audit purposes and also for competitive purposes."

Industry professional George Crump wrote on InformationWeek that before making way into any system or plan where information will be stored, companies will need to know what they need from a data backup environment to be able to set the budget and figure out what will best fit the company.

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