NSA has an extensive data backup center to work with all of its many bytes of information.

NSA preparing large scale data backup

Stephen Perkins

Gathering intelligence is one of the keystones of National Security Agency operations and its department heads look to protect the billions of bytes through their Bluffdale, Utah, facility by using data backup, according to the Lowell Sun. NSA deputy director John Inglis said this is important to the nation having a quality intelligence agency.

"It's an important device," Inglis stated. "We're investing quite a bit of resources in it. And most of what we'll get from that will come from the brain power that actually then employs it."

Utah's new facility is the world's largest backup drive and will not house any analytics teams, but instead 200 workers to help keep the machines running. Inglis said it will work as the agency's backbone and ensure that information kept there won't be unique, but will instead disperse copies elsewhere in case they need to be recovered.

The average agency or company obviously will not need this level of data backup, but that does not mean they will not need any. Computer Weekly said organizations should look into what data backup is, if the cost and effort of deployment is justifiable and which type is best suited to ensure the business is protected.

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