Organizations that have not adopted business continuity should start their planning as soon as possible.

Organizations without business continuity solutions need to adopt one

Stephen Perkins

Business continuity can help keep an organization running during tough times and Todd Humber, managing editor of Canadian HR Reporter, said companies that do not have a solution in place should start planning for one now. 

"In the wake of devastating flood waters that hit Calgary and parts of southern Alberta, many organizations in Wild Rose Country have had to flip the switch on their continuity plans to ensure operations continue on as close to normal as possible," he wrote. "That's not easy, given the scope of the damage. How bad is the flooding? One need look no further than the city's iconic Saddledome, home of the Calgary Flames, which filled with water like a giant bathtub up to row 10."

Stephen Ewart, the energy and economics editor at the Calgary Herald, Told Humber that with the number of devices deployed to workers in the modern business environment, there is no excuse to have to stop work. Even if there are logistical challenges with employees, online data backup can be part of these plans to help keep information in a location that was not affected.

SecurityInfoWatch said it doesn't matter where organizations reside or how successful they are, as outages, disaster and data loss can harm companies of all sizes. Planning out data backup can help take a business from down for days to up in minutes.

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