Having a data backup solution can be imperative for organizations during trying times.

Prepping for a business continuity plan

Stephen Perkins

Disasters are always a threat to businesses, no matter the size or number of employees. Preparing a business continuity plan is a must for every organization, as Marianne Petillo, president and CEO of ROM Reinsurance, told Property Casualty 360 contributor Ruth Fisk that her company suffered major disruptions and outages after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Without a data backup solution in place, there was no access to the information needed to run the company. 

"Business continuity plans are one of the most important building blocks an organization can create to ensure recovery processes will facilitate business after a disaster hits,"  Fisk wrote. "Many organizations realize this fact after it's too late, or don't have a second line of defense in case their initial plan falls through. Don't be one of those organizations."

The first part of any plan should be to stop relying so much on paper and move into a more digitized system. Petillo said having an enterprise content management system coupled with backup helped employees work more efficiently even when there is not a disaster occurring.

Businesses should also consider cloud and online data backup solutions when looking at data organization, Fisk wrote. Cost savings is one major benefit, but having information both on premise and in the cloud can be a boon for businesses in terms of flexibility. It is also important to consider the vendor as a factor, as Fisk said there must be a robust solution that the business is compatible with. Disaster can strike anytime, so having a comprehensive support system from the company is a must for businesses that want to ensure their data is safe at all times.

"Being prepared for the worst will help enable business functionality and provide consistent service despite any disturbance, including power outages, snow closures, network failures or even superstorms," Fisk said.

What to look for in a service
Most organizations likely will not be familiar with what is needed in a data backup provider, so Business News Daily contributor Chad Brooks spelled out some of the features that should be looked for in a service. First, the type of and number of options available should be looked at, including if there is archiving, automatic backup, file management or other features the business could find to be helpful. Organizations should also look for a data backup solution that is simple to use, especially in those present in heavily used systems.

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